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How To Write Headlines Using Questions (And Why They Work So Well).

From: Bernadette Schwerdt

Asking questions in a headline is always a great idea because it forces the customer to consider your proposition, whether they want to or not.

Before I can go on - can I just ask a quick question – are you hot or cold right now?
Sorry – that was a trick question.
Whichever way you answered, you probably considered the question at least for a second didn’t you?
You see, whether we like it or not, when we are asked a question our brains strive to answer it.
The same goes for questions in headlines.

Using our schools entertainment show as an example, you could have asked:
“Are You Tired Of Teaching? Take A Morning Off And Let Us Take Over Your Class - Your Students Will Love It – And So Will Your Principal. Find Out How By Ringing ..."

Here are a few other examples using other products:

This one could be used to promote an accountant:
Are You Worried About Being Audited By The Tax Department?

This one’s for a seniors' club:
Are You Tired Of Being Alone Every Saturday Night?

This one’s for parenting experts:
Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Kids?

This one’s for diet products:
Have You Ever Wondered How Hollywood Stars Stay So Slim?

This is one of the most popular formulas and easily one of the most effective.

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Lowongan berikut ini begitu sederhana...silahkan coba!

Kami Advertising Agency membutuhkan anda untuk posisi posisi sebagai berikut :

Senior Account Executive
Senior Media Planner
Copy Writer
Media Planner
Account Executive

Kami tunggu CV anda di hrd@asatsu.co.id

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TIPS ini ditulis oleh al Hidden...semoga bermanfaat ya..? Sy sendiri lagi sibuk nyusun modul utk e-learning...!

Happy reading..!

1. Develop writing ability - all copywriters need it

Some people suggest that you don't need writing ability to be a good copywriter. Don't believe them: the ability to create engaging, persuasive copy is fundamental to your success. Study and practice hard to perfect your skills.

2. Take an interest in people and their problems

Whether you're informing or persuading, engaging copy should always be written for your reader. To do this requires empathy, an ability to understand 'what makes a target audience tick' and an understanding of the problems that products and services must solve for customers. Good copywriters have a genuine interest in people's problems, and a fascination for whatever they are writing about. If it doesn't interest you, don't write about it.

3. Good copywriters understand the difference between features and benefits

Copywriting clients don't buy words on a page; they buy the engagement of a target audience, persuasion, search engine results that come from great SEO copywriting, and the successful communication of information. Words on a page are a feature: a reader who is persuaded to take action is a benefit.

4. Give clients more than they expect
Clients love a nice surprise: add value to your work wherever you can; do an extra page for free; add some metatags at no charge, or help your client with useful advice. Good copywriters think creatively about extras they can throw in for clients, things that have a high perceived value for them, but which cost the copywriter little to provide.

5. Promise long; deliver short
Following on from the previous tip, arrange your deadlines so you can actually deliver your work faster than the client expects. You will build a reputation for working quickly. And on the rare occasion when a job takes longer than you predicted you will have a safety margin to work within.

6. This copywriter believes that local service matters
Despite the undoubted power of the internet for communication, many clients still value face-to-face contact before and during projects. Pick your operating area carefully so you can provide this personal service without having to charge for it. The present author works selectively across the UK, but the majority of his work is in Gloucestershire and surrounding counties. It's a myth that most copywriting work can be done remotely. Good copywriters meet their clients wherever possible.

7. Copy the work of good copywriters
No, we're not talking plagiarism here and you must never pass off someone else's work as yours. However, copying out content by experienced writers is a great way to subconsciously absorb the way they tackle a writing task.

8. Be realistic about your capabilities
By all means stretch yourself with new challenges. But make sure you know your limits and don't risk not being able to complete a project correctly and on-time. Good copywriters have the confidence to tell a potential client that something is outside their area of expertise, or that they simply don't have the time to do the work at the moment. FAr better to do this than than to let them down or deliver sub-standard copywriting. Be honest with people up-front: they will respect you more.

9. Listen to your instincts
Allied to Tip 8 is the importance of listening to your instincts. Most clients are honest and good to work with. Occasionally, however, an enquiry won't feel 'right' or you will get a 'negative vibe' about a potential client. Learn to trust your instincts.

10. Have fun; be passionate
Above all, have fun with your work as a copywriter and be passionate about what you do. Life is too short not to have a good time while you write.

As with any business activity, there are no sure-fire magic ways to become a good copywriter. But if you use these tips in your copywriting life you will be off to a great start. Have fun, take an interest in people and what motivates them, write well and enjoy a wonderful career!

Rabu, Oktober 20, 2010


Berikut ada pertanyaan mendasar nih dari salah satu anggota forum...

sengaja saya post di sini supaya mereka yg memiliki pertanyaan yg sama bisa mengambil manfaatnya! Met baca yaaa...???!

seorang copywriter itu tugasnya bukan hanya membuat kata-kata, melainkan yang lebih penting adalah membuat ide!

PRTANYAAN: Aku sering memperhatikan iklan-iklan yang ada di TV, poster2 di jalan, kadang aku juga sering liat karya2 orang lain. Lalu aku berpikir, mereka yang berprofesi sebagai Graphic Design bisa bikin design dan juga membuat tulisan atas karya mereka sehingga menghasilkan sebuah iklan.

Pertanyaannya, apakah mereka juga butuh seorang copywriter untuk melengkapi gambar mereka yang mau dijadikan sebuah iklan?

Dan sebenarnya seberapa pentingnya ya peran seorang copywriter di dunia advertising, kalo seorang Creative Director itu juga bisa membuat kata2 yang bagus untuk design iklannya?

Jangan dikira kalau poster atau iklan yg kamu lihat itu cuma gambar tak bermakna (cieeeh...bahasaku okeh ya?!). Apa yg kamu lihat itu merupakan hasil karya dari banyak orang/tim yg terlibat di dalamnya. Mreka adalah:
1. client/pemilik brand: di sini orangnya bisa bejibun, dari brand manager, marcomm manager s/d marketing manager yg bertanggungjawab atas brief yg diberikan pada agency
2. Account executive yg menerima brief dr cient
3. account director yg bersama-sama creative director memunculkan creative brief/strategy/CWP/copy platform
5. creative director yg mengarahkan tim kreatif, dia ngga harus bisa nggambar atau bisa nulis, yg penting bisa nge direct (butuh keahlian khusus di sini, juga pengalaman)
6. art director yg bertanggung jawab atas tampilan visual keseuruhan dr iklan tsb., seperti lay out, warna, dll. Dia bersama2 copywriter mengolah konsep/ide kreatif
7. copywriter yg bersama2 dgn art director mencari konsep & membuat kata-kata nan indah yg sesuai dgn brief
8. Graphic designer yang membantu sang art director dalam menuangkan ide-idenya dalam bentuk grafis. Jadi peran GD di sini sebenarnya membantu kerja creative team yang terdiri dari copywriter & art director

jadi, meskipun hanya kelihatanya kerjaan sederhana spt poster atau billboard, dia merupakan hasil karya 'rombongan' ini... jelas nggak?!

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hehe..istilah di atas saya dapetin dari salah satu member forum yg menyarankan saya untuk mengadakan kuliah online melalui twitter. Dia pun telah berbaik hati mengajari saya bagaimana cara menggunakanya (maklum gaptek).

Rencananya, kuliah akan saya mulai bulan November nanti.

So, bagi yg berminat, silahkan follow my account ya? Nama akun nya nunuandini. Insyaalloh ntar saya follow back deh..ok?

Selamat ber-kultwit ria!!

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Buat yg tinggal di sekitar Kelapa Gading, lowongan ini kayaknya bisa dipertimbangkan...!

Selamat mencoba ya?!

DWI SAPTA GROUP, the Integrated Marketing Communication company is currently seeking highly motivated individuals to complete our missing pieces :

Max. 35 years old
Min. 5 years experience in Indonesian Top 10 Advertising Agency

Male/female, max. 32 years old
Preferably well known university graduates
At least 3 years experience in the same position from Indonesian Top 10 Advertising Agencies
Creative, possess strong conceptualizing skills

Submit your application, CV, portfolio (for those who apply to Creative Division) and recent Photograph wtihin 2 weeks after this advertisement to :


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Power Headlines.

Tulisan ini dibuat oleh Bernadette Schwerdt:

The secret of success for any advertisement is The Headline.
Why is the headline so important?
Because it buys you time.
This is how it works.
• If the reader likes your headline, they’ll read your sub headline.
• If they like your sub headline, they’ll read your body copy.
• If they read your body copy, they’ve read your ad.
Mission accomplished.
And of course, the opposite is true.
If the headline doesn’t grab them, they’ll just throw it away, tear it up or click out.
So, how do you keep them captivated? It’s very simple.
There are a few key phrases that you must use if you want to capture attention.
Now, be warned - these phrases may sound cheesy, even corny perhaps. But the important thing to remember is, they work.
And if you don’t believe me, check out the headlines below that use these phrases and judge for yourself. Are they compelling? Would you read on?
If the answer is yes, the headline has succeeded.
Here’s the Top 19 Power Phrases to include in your next headline:
1. Do You
2. How To
3. Amazing
4. At Last
5. Bargains
6. Little-Known Secrets
7. The Secrets Of
8. Top 10
9. A Breakthrough
10. Only
11. The Truth About
12. Now
13. Sale
14. How Would You
15. Advice To
16. Love
17. Facts
18. Discover
19. Confessions Of
Here’s some examples of how these phrases are used in headlines:
1. Do You Make These Mistakes In Job Interviews?
2. How To raise your child’s IQ before it is even born
3. The Secrets of Being Wealthy
4. A Breakthrough Idea For Those Who Want To Act In Movies
5. How Would You Like To Earn A Six Figure Income From Home?
7. Confessions Of a Disbarred Lawyer
Clich├ęd? Maybe. Well-worn? Definitely. But did they catch your eye? Would you read on? If the answer is yes, then the headline’s a success because you stayed engaged.
And that’s the secret of a powerful headline.
If you have to advertise on a shoestring, these Top 19 Power Phrases are ideal for small-space advertising like classifieds, local papers and Yellow Pages.
Put them to the test. Use these power words in your headlines and watch the results roll in.

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A growing local communication agency located in Kemang area is looking for a Copywriter:

- Male / female with any discipline
- Fresh graduate is very welcome
- Hardworker, love to read and learn
- Fluent in english
- Able to work under pressure & over time
- Good time management
- Able to work independently or as a team.

Simply apply this job vacancy to: hrd.flav@gmail.com with email subject "CW".

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dear friends...
aku udah meng upload file slide presentasi yg merupakan modul pembelajaran "creative fundamentals in marcomm" di web copywritingskill.com di halaman ebook. Silahkan bagi yang kemarin berminat untuk mengikutikuliah offline tapi terkendala waktu, bisa belajar melalui slide tsb. kalau ada yg ngga jelas bisa ditanyakan di forum...

slide-slide ini nantinya juga akan dilengkapi dengan audiobook yg sedang disiapkan.

untuk member yang berprofesi sebagai dosen, slide ini bisa digunakan untuk mengajar mata kuliah kreatif periklanan.

Modul yang saat ini di upload baru 2 dari 20 seri yang sedang disusun..
yaitu yg berjudul:
creativity in advertising & creating basic ideas... mudah-mudahan bermanfaat untuk teman semua...thank you!