Rabu, Oktober 27, 2010

How To Write Headlines Using Questions (And Why They Work So Well).

From: Bernadette Schwerdt

Asking questions in a headline is always a great idea because it forces the customer to consider your proposition, whether they want to or not.

Before I can go on - can I just ask a quick question – are you hot or cold right now?
Sorry – that was a trick question.
Whichever way you answered, you probably considered the question at least for a second didn’t you?
You see, whether we like it or not, when we are asked a question our brains strive to answer it.
The same goes for questions in headlines.

Using our schools entertainment show as an example, you could have asked:
“Are You Tired Of Teaching? Take A Morning Off And Let Us Take Over Your Class - Your Students Will Love It – And So Will Your Principal. Find Out How By Ringing ..."

Here are a few other examples using other products:

This one could be used to promote an accountant:
Are You Worried About Being Audited By The Tax Department?

This one’s for a seniors' club:
Are You Tired Of Being Alone Every Saturday Night?

This one’s for parenting experts:
Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Kids?

This one’s for diet products:
Have You Ever Wondered How Hollywood Stars Stay So Slim?

This is one of the most popular formulas and easily one of the most effective.

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