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TIPS ini ditulis oleh al Hidden...semoga bermanfaat ya..? Sy sendiri lagi sibuk nyusun modul utk e-learning...!

Happy reading..!

1. Develop writing ability - all copywriters need it

Some people suggest that you don't need writing ability to be a good copywriter. Don't believe them: the ability to create engaging, persuasive copy is fundamental to your success. Study and practice hard to perfect your skills.

2. Take an interest in people and their problems

Whether you're informing or persuading, engaging copy should always be written for your reader. To do this requires empathy, an ability to understand 'what makes a target audience tick' and an understanding of the problems that products and services must solve for customers. Good copywriters have a genuine interest in people's problems, and a fascination for whatever they are writing about. If it doesn't interest you, don't write about it.

3. Good copywriters understand the difference between features and benefits

Copywriting clients don't buy words on a page; they buy the engagement of a target audience, persuasion, search engine results that come from great SEO copywriting, and the successful communication of information. Words on a page are a feature: a reader who is persuaded to take action is a benefit.

4. Give clients more than they expect
Clients love a nice surprise: add value to your work wherever you can; do an extra page for free; add some metatags at no charge, or help your client with useful advice. Good copywriters think creatively about extras they can throw in for clients, things that have a high perceived value for them, but which cost the copywriter little to provide.

5. Promise long; deliver short
Following on from the previous tip, arrange your deadlines so you can actually deliver your work faster than the client expects. You will build a reputation for working quickly. And on the rare occasion when a job takes longer than you predicted you will have a safety margin to work within.

6. This copywriter believes that local service matters
Despite the undoubted power of the internet for communication, many clients still value face-to-face contact before and during projects. Pick your operating area carefully so you can provide this personal service without having to charge for it. The present author works selectively across the UK, but the majority of his work is in Gloucestershire and surrounding counties. It's a myth that most copywriting work can be done remotely. Good copywriters meet their clients wherever possible.

7. Copy the work of good copywriters
No, we're not talking plagiarism here and you must never pass off someone else's work as yours. However, copying out content by experienced writers is a great way to subconsciously absorb the way they tackle a writing task.

8. Be realistic about your capabilities
By all means stretch yourself with new challenges. But make sure you know your limits and don't risk not being able to complete a project correctly and on-time. Good copywriters have the confidence to tell a potential client that something is outside their area of expertise, or that they simply don't have the time to do the work at the moment. FAr better to do this than than to let them down or deliver sub-standard copywriting. Be honest with people up-front: they will respect you more.

9. Listen to your instincts
Allied to Tip 8 is the importance of listening to your instincts. Most clients are honest and good to work with. Occasionally, however, an enquiry won't feel 'right' or you will get a 'negative vibe' about a potential client. Learn to trust your instincts.

10. Have fun; be passionate
Above all, have fun with your work as a copywriter and be passionate about what you do. Life is too short not to have a good time while you write.

As with any business activity, there are no sure-fire magic ways to become a good copywriter. But if you use these tips in your copywriting life you will be off to a great start. Have fun, take an interest in people and what motivates them, write well and enjoy a wonderful career!

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