Senin, Oktober 11, 2010

Power Headlines.

Tulisan ini dibuat oleh Bernadette Schwerdt:

The secret of success for any advertisement is The Headline.
Why is the headline so important?
Because it buys you time.
This is how it works.
• If the reader likes your headline, they’ll read your sub headline.
• If they like your sub headline, they’ll read your body copy.
• If they read your body copy, they’ve read your ad.
Mission accomplished.
And of course, the opposite is true.
If the headline doesn’t grab them, they’ll just throw it away, tear it up or click out.
So, how do you keep them captivated? It’s very simple.
There are a few key phrases that you must use if you want to capture attention.
Now, be warned - these phrases may sound cheesy, even corny perhaps. But the important thing to remember is, they work.
And if you don’t believe me, check out the headlines below that use these phrases and judge for yourself. Are they compelling? Would you read on?
If the answer is yes, the headline has succeeded.
Here’s the Top 19 Power Phrases to include in your next headline:
1. Do You
2. How To
3. Amazing
4. At Last
5. Bargains
6. Little-Known Secrets
7. The Secrets Of
8. Top 10
9. A Breakthrough
10. Only
11. The Truth About
12. Now
13. Sale
14. How Would You
15. Advice To
16. Love
17. Facts
18. Discover
19. Confessions Of
Here’s some examples of how these phrases are used in headlines:
1. Do You Make These Mistakes In Job Interviews?
2. How To raise your child’s IQ before it is even born
3. The Secrets of Being Wealthy
4. A Breakthrough Idea For Those Who Want To Act In Movies
5. How Would You Like To Earn A Six Figure Income From Home?
7. Confessions Of a Disbarred Lawyer
Clich├ęd? Maybe. Well-worn? Definitely. But did they catch your eye? Would you read on? If the answer is yes, then the headline’s a success because you stayed engaged.
And that’s the secret of a powerful headline.
If you have to advertise on a shoestring, these Top 19 Power Phrases are ideal for small-space advertising like classifieds, local papers and Yellow Pages.
Put them to the test. Use these power words in your headlines and watch the results roll in.

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