Senin, Maret 01, 2010

Ten Secrets Of The Highest Paid Copywriters In The World!

artikel ini saya sunting dr bukunya Troy Cummings, yg menjadi sumber utama buku yg sdg saya tulis (itu lho, yg copywriting utk small bussiness)...

jadi ngiler juga ya ngebaca copywiter di onoh nge charge sampai 15000 dollar per script!!

doi ini ngajarin business owner supaya bisa nulis iklan sendiri.... jadi, saya share supaya you guys knows how precious is our job!!

Ok? Met baca ya...? Just keep in your mind: bahwa apa pun yg kita tulis, ini bisa berarti UANG buat client....

so, kalo di otak kita ni isisnya 'kata kata kata dan kata..." mk di otak klien tuh isinya 'uang duit money dan profit'...hehehe...

Learning the secrets of writing great advertising copy can make you HUGE amounts of money. There have been times when we have earned as much as $1,000 and more for every hour we spent writing our ads and sales letters. The same thing could potentially happen to you, too. Here are ten copywriting secrets the best copywriters use:
1. They do everything possible to know every aspect of their products and services. They look for uniqueness, special features, and benefits they can offer to the prospect or customer.
2. They learn everything they can about the market their sales material is targeted to reach.
3. They know the right words, phrases, or approaches that will make their offer more effective.
4. They learn everything they can about the competition. They find out how their products compare in value and quality. And they know what type of promotional techniques can be useful to outsell the competition.
5. They know how to gather testimonials to increase the response of their ads and sales letters.
6. They collect and study ads that have offered similar products. They do this to get creative ideas that help them with their ads. They seek out ads that have been running continually. These ads help them avoid duplicating unsuccessful efforts of others.
7. They focus on the ultimate goal of each ad or sales letter. To whom is it written? What is the end result they are after?
8. They know how to create irresistible offers that make people want to buy.
9. They know the importance of testing as many different elements as possible, and they do this.
10. They know how to close. They know how to create strong sales presentations, and how to make the sale.
Great advertising copywriters are made - not born. You can learn these ten things and possibly earn a fortune in the process. Listen closely: Advertising copywriters charge up to $15,000 or more just to write a simple Direct-Mail package. They get paid these huge fees because of all the money their sales material can generate. But remember this: You’ll always make more money writing your own advertising copy then you could ever earn by freelancing for others. Learn these skills for yourself, to sell your own products or services. These skills can help you make money for the rest of your life.

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icha affandy mengatakan...

Setuju..bener mbak apa kata artikel ini. Btw ijin sedot dan tulis ulang untuk blogku ya mbak (bukan buat komersil kok) kalo nggak boleh nanti aku hapuis deh...

Btw untuk yang kesulitan dengan English boleh mampir ke untuk versi indonesianya. Makasih & CAIYOOO

Mencret mengatakan...

Mba, ijin sedot juga yah.....tar, ditulis sumbernya kok. oce..:)

nunu andini mengatakan...

silahkan...silahkan...bukan tulisanku berdua biangnya cerewet di Forum..miss u

Andayani mengatakan...

Mbak...bukunya yang How to be a good copywriter di jual bebas gak??