Sabtu, Maret 13, 2010

Jadi Copywriter Sekaligus Business Owner,Kenapa Tidak?

Setelah mempelajari ilmu copywriting.. apakah mesti melamar jadi copywriter..?? alamaakh! Jadul bangeeetsss!!! Tuh mindset kudu di restart deh...! Haree genee... jangan cuma cari kerja dong...tapi cari duit...kalo bisa mah, kasih kerjaan sama orang! Ya nggak seeeh!!

The beauty about writing my new book is: saya sendiri belajar menjadi pengusaha! Menjadi small business owner dulu... dgn memanfaatkan kemampuan saya menulis materi promosi. Do it yourself business deh!

Artikel berikut ini, salah satu yg membuka mata saya, bahwainternet business tuh cocok banget sama kerjaan seorang copywtiter... coba aja baca yaaa???!

sumber: Troycummings

Before You Spend Hundreds, Or Even Thousands Of Dollars Hiring A Copywriter To Write Your Ads For You, READ THIS!

You should always know your product inside and out. This is why you can write better ad copy in certain situations — than SOME COPYWRITERS WHO MAKE UP TO $100,000.00 FOR WRITING AN AD!!

Mail order is a form of marketing, and if you really want to make the most money possible, you should learn how to do all of these things yourself. Almost everyone in direct response marketing uses outside copywriters, but it is much better for you to do it yourself and get that direct involvement with your copy and your offers.

Who knows more about the product that you develop than you? Answer: NO ONE! You are the most qualified expert as to what your product or service can do for your customers and/or clients. Therefore, you are the best person to write the ad copy!

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