Kamis, November 27, 2008

How To Use Power-Packed Headlines Online -- To Attract More Prospects And Profits! (part I)

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Are you maximizing your marketing results by using headlines at every opportunity?

Few would argue about the crucial role headlines play in the success of offline ads and marketing materials. But headlines can also make or break your marketing efforts online, in several different ways.

To achieve online marketing success, you need to:

* Promote your most appealing and unique
competitive advantages…

* Take those advantages and turn them into a
persuasive sales message and…

* Convey this message to the right prospects.

Marketing is all about communication. And the more effective your communication, the more success you’ll enjoy. But your primary task is to first and foremost… attract an audience. That’s the primary job of the headline.

Headlines serve to both draw attention and inspire the interest of a selected audience by touching on a key area of sensitivity -- otherwise known as the major “hot button” of your prospect.

Following are 6 ways you can cash in on the powerful, magnetic-appeal of headlines in your online marketing activities.

1) Web Sites. Every site can be made more effective by leading off with a benefit-packed headline. In fact, every page of a site can be improved this way.

If you want visitors to spend some time exploring your offerings, tell them up front the reasons why they should stay. Do this in the form of a headline. Reveal to your site visitors what each page offers in an exciting way that appeals to their own self-interest.

2) Signature Files. In most exchanges with prospects via e-mail, you can benefit by adding a signature file to your outgoing messages.

Signature files can also be used at the bottom of articles, reports and discussion group postings. When they read like a compelling headline, they have much more impact. They give the reader (your prospect) an opportunity to take additional action to further strengthen the relationship between the two of you (potential buyer & seller).

The best signature files are difficult for prospects to resist and usually feature a strong offer that’s specifically relevant to the type of person likely to see your signature file.

(to be continued..)

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