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How To Use Power-Packed Headlines Online -- To Attract More Prospects And Profits! (part II)

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3) Banner Ads. What good is a banner if it doesn’t inspire visitors to point and click? Yet, most banner ads are woefully inadequate as compelling messages that trigger immediate action. Though many banners provide a call to action, often they don’t give a strong enough reason for prospects to do so.

Plant a seed of possibility. Deliver a huge promise. Tell your prospects what you can do for them. Then… lead them to the payoff offered by your product.

Think of your banner as a miniature billboard. It pops up on the landscape as your prospect travels the web. What would make your banner more appealing? It’s not the artwork… but the words that motivate action. Create a headline that not only stops prospects in their tracks, but one that also moves them to follow through with action.

4) Discussion Board Headings. Visit any discussion forum and what’s the first thing you see? The headings of course. The list of subject headings acts as an index where visitors can click and choose whatever messages they want to open and read.

What headings enjoy the highest click-through rates? It’s those that appeal, intrigue, interest, or arouse a little curiosity in readers. In short, the best headlines attract more prospects.

Another key factor is the name of the person who authored the post. Well-known board visitors who consistently contribute information of value tend to draw more attention due to the reputations they’ve already established. But without the benefit of name recognition, your best bet is to write a headline that’s difficult -- or impossible -- for visitors to ignore.

5) Discussion Board Links. Links that follow informative posts present another opportunity to deliver a provocative headline. Most discussion boards allow you to post a link with each message. Those that don’t make this provision, usually allow a signature file as an alternate option.

Links stand out visually, due to their contrasting color and underscored format. As a visual siren, links are an ideal opportunity to deliver an intriguing message -- one that drives traffic to your chosen page. It’s no surprise that the most clicked-on links are the best interest-inspiring headlines.

6) E-mail Subject Lines. Want to increase the chances of your messages being seen by your audience? Here’s how: turn your subject line into a mini-headline.

Subject lines are the first thing e-mail recipients see, in addition to the return address. You don’t have a lot of room here, just enough for a small handful of words. So choose your words carefully.

The subject line is your first and perhaps only chance to convince the recipient to open your message, instead of trashing it. Choose short words that are particularly meaningful to your reader.

7) Titles Of Articles, Reports And E-zines. Give provocative, attention-getting titles to all your writing. Add interest and intrigue to draw more readers. Give your work headings that provoke readers to want to know more.

The right headline or title can easily pull more readers into the body of your articles and reports. As a consequence, they’ll also learn more about you and your products and services.

Use your titles to hint at the secrets you have to reveal… or new, evolutionary techniques that will save prospects money, time, or energy. Offer “news” or a major benefit that’s sure to be of great interest to your prospects.

The stronger your titles, the more powerful the pull and the more prospects and customers you’ll ultimately reach.

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