Rabu, Juli 16, 2008

Powerful Qualities Of The Most Successful Headlines Of All Time!-3

Copyright © by Robert D. Boduch

4) Compelling -- A compelling headline draws like a magnet because it hits at the heart of a reader’s greatest desire. These headlines automatically pull the reader inside. They fuel the desire for more by offering a huge promise -- something the prospect wants and wants badly. The key to a compelling headline is the suggestion of a major payoff of some kind. The closer the match between promised payoff and the deeply rooted desire, the more effective the headline will be.

A compelling headline places a powerful thought in the mind of the prospect -- something he cannot easily forget. It stays with him until the desire has been satisfied, (often by placing an order) or, until the interest diminishes. The anticipation and desire builds almost forcing the prospect to continue reading in order to satisfy their nagging hunger.

5) Curiosity-Arousing -- Prospects are drawn to the heart of a message by a natural desire to find out more. Often it’s the result of a surprising statement, shocking news, a new discovery, or a better way to solve an age-old problem. The best curiosity-arousing headlines combine curiosity with a major benefit of interest to the prospect.

Once the reader’s curiosity has been piqued, the interest naturally intensifies. The more thought the prospect gives to the subject, the stronger the curiosity grows -- as well as the desire to satisfy it. What it all boils down to is greater exposure to your entire message over a longer period of time.

6) Benefit-Laden -- Benefits are the true payoff that all prospects seek. Benefits answer the “What’s in it for me?” question. Every prospect has their built-in radar set to a benefits-only frequency. Benefits are useful advantages that attract attention and interest.

What is it your prospects would like to have, to be, or to achieve? What problem would they most like to solve? Headlines that present strong benefits are headlines that create a lot of interest. When you speak in terms of benefits, you’re speaking the same language as your prospect.

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