Selasa, Juli 15, 2008

Powerful Qualities Of The Most Successful Headlines Of All Time!-2

Copyright © by Robert D. Boduch

2) Interruptive -- Customers and prospects are mentally pre-occupied with various thoughts of their own. Everyone is busy living their own lives. An interruptive headline has the ability to shift the reader’s attention and focus from their current thoughts, towards your message. It’s a break, a temporary thought suspension that you want to create with your headline.

Being interruptive means being able to get the prospect to shift her concentration with something that is new, timely, or important to her life -- something that is sure to get attention.

To pull this off successfully requires a good understanding of your target market and a powerful headline that addresses a deeply held desire or solution to a problem. Miss the mark and your interruptive headline becomes can easily backfire.

3) Provocative -- The provocative headline is one that instigates a reaction in the reader. It delivers a mental nudge, designed to involve the prospect in some way. This type of headline is difficult to ignore -- particularly when it’s narrowly focused on a specific audience -- because it tempts, teases and tantalizes the reader.

Provocative headlines command the attention of those they address by asking questions, delivering surprising or shocking statements, and by establishing a connection to a news story or event.

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