Senin, Juli 14, 2008

Powerful Qualities Of The Most Successful Headlines Of All Time!

Copyright © by Robert D. Boduch

Why do certain headlines produce extraordinary results?

What magical characteristics do winning headlines possess? Successful headlines all share one thing -- the ability to cut through the clutter of competing messages and deliver a hard-hitting, unmistakable message to a specific group of prospects.

Great headlines are those that not only get noticed, but also draw the reader inside with an almost magic spell. Whenever you find yourself reading deep inside the body copy of a message, chances are you were swayed by the magnetic appeal of a carefully constructed, specifically targeted headline.

The very best headlines contain at least one (and many times, several) of the qualities listed below. Refer to this list often and you’ll be sure to add additional firepower to every headline you write from this point forward.

1) Stop-Ability -- It doesn’t really matter what marketing tool you happen to be working on. It may be a display ad, banner, postcard, or sales letter. Whatever it is, use your headline to arrest attention of your best prospects.

Without first capturing the eyes of prospects, your message doesn’t stand much of a chance. Without a powerful and concise message, your prospects will be gone in a flash.

In this age of information, each of us is inundated with a huge, continuous explosion of marketing messages from all directions and an unlimited number of sources. It can be overwhelming at times -- even futile -- when we realize how impossible it would be to pay attention to it all, even if we had 48 hours to a day!

You want to make the reader stop dead in his tracks to ponder your idea, concept, startling statement, or intriguing question. Your headline’s mission is to consume your reader’s focus temporarily… to capture his imagination…. and to momentarily involve him with your own captivating collection of words.

(to be continued...)

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