Rabu, Juli 23, 2008

7 Simple Tips For Creating Riveting, Attention-Grabbing Headlines -- Quickly & Easily!

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Few things are more important to your marketing success than the headlines you lead off with in your sales letters, display ads, postcards, news releases and web pages. An attention-getting, arresting headline has the power to pull in many more prospects and customers which ultimately leads to more sales and profits.

Essentially, a headline is nothing more than a collection of words designed to get qualified prospects to sit up, take notice and read on. As such, its role is both huge and vitally important.

To create a winning headline, distill your most provocative message down to one powerful sentence that packs a powerful punch.

Following are 7 easy-to-follow tips to help you craft compelling headlines with greater ease and speed than ever before.

1) Do your homework. Start by gathering important information. State the venue for your headline, then, identify the 6 key elements of successful marketing materials. These include: 1. The product. 2. The main benefits 3. The market. 4. What the market really desires and the most common problem it encounters. 5. Any special offer or inducement you can think of that would increase interest. 6. The competition and any claims they may be making.

Simple answers will do. There is no need to go into extensive detail here… as long as you cover the key points. This is essential market research that will equip you valuable data and make the task of writing headlines a breeze!

2) Isolate your most impressive and unique competitive advantage. Look at your product or service the way your customers and prospects do. Put yourself in their shoes. What would get these people to pay attention? What is the strongest benefit you can offer?

Let’s suppose your product was the "dream solution", an answer to your customer’s prayers. What would it do for him? You want a headline that clearly separates you from the competition and makes you the obvious vendor of choice due to the distinctive additional benefits that only you offer.

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