Kamis, Juli 24, 2008

7 Simple Tips For Creating Riveting, Attention-Grabbing Headlines -- Quickly & Easily!-2

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3) Get started by writing as many rough headline ideas as you can. Your first headline probably won’t be your best work. But as you continue writing, you’ll find better ways to express your thoughts in a more compelling, provocative, or arresting way.

Try several different formats including questions, guarantees and testimonial-style headlines. Don’t worry about perfect spelling or presentation -- simply let your ideas flow and jot them down. This strategy is shared by some of the best copywriters in the world. After you’ve created a lengthy list of possibilities, choose your top 3 to 5 headlines and tweak them for maximum impact. Testing will reveal your most responsive headline.

4) Brainstorm words and phrases that colorfully express your product’s unique benefits. In a short space of time, you can generate a plethora of vibrant, expressive words and original phrases that can help make your headline stand out from all others.

With brainstorming, best results are obtained with a pre-set time frame of no more than 5 minutes. Simply allow your creative juices to flow and record every word, without judgment. Ignore the temptation to evaluate the merit of any particular suggestion. After a few short minutes, you’ll have plenty of power-packed, benefit-oriented headline words to choose from.

5) Start to put your words and phrases into a powerful, prospect-centered sentence. Your intention is to craft a clear, concise, and complete message that truly “grabs” prospects where they live. That’s the kind of headline that produces outstanding results.

Next, edit your headline for clarity. Make sure your words are easily understood and do not evoke mixed messages. Be direct rather than subtle... benefit-oriented rather than amusing or "catchy".

Readers generally digest a headline as one item, simultaneously taking in all the words as a complete unit and processing it as a single image. You want to be sure that the image your headline delivers is crystal-clear and not open to misinterpretation.

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