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Why You Should Explore Creativity

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Creativity is A Way To Self Discovery

Creativity offers you the opportunity to finding out things about yourself, your inner Being. It is about connecting with your natural affinity. It is about going into a space where you can “escape” and experience joy and security. This has been my experience. There have been countless times when I have felt so connected with my inner Being while painting or doing a craft work. More recently, I have been exploring creativity through writing. I enjoy putting a unique spin to old tired themes and drawing on my knowledge from diverse areas to churn out new ideas for thought.

Then again, creativity is not so much about being able to produce great ideas successfully. It is more about the process and the thinking that went behind it. It is about the aspects of spontaniety, imagination, sensitivity and fluency of ideas. It is the fertile soil, out of which seeds of translating ideas from imagination to reality can take root.

“Conditions for creativity are to be puzzled; to concentrate; to accept conflict and tension; to be born everyday; to feel a sense of self.”
— Quote by Erich Fromm (German born American social Philosopher and Psychoanalyst, 1900-1980)

Creativity Brings About Fulfilment

In fact, you will find that those who make use of their creative abilities in their jobs tend to be happier as compared to those who don’t. Creativity is a form of self expression and in that, represents fulfillment. All areas of learning can be potentially creative experiences. Because creativity brings out the very best in ideas, it is possible that those who can incorporate their abilities and imagination into their job, outperform those who don’t.

I know all too well how it feels like if creativity is left buried. One of my biggest grouses is that I never took the opportunity to develop creativity when I was younger. I was an accountant by training and chose banking as my career - both scopes that never quite stoke the fire in me. If anything, I felt bored most of the time. With a new realisation of how creativity fulfills me, I now seek to express myself in a varity of ways.

“It is better to create than to be learned, creating is the true essence of life” — Quote by Barthold Georg Niebuhr

Creativity Helps You To Problem Solve And Be More Adaptable

For problem solving in difficult and challenging situations, a dose of creativity can be helpful. Here is where out-of-the-box thinking can help generate fresh solutions and also encourage risk taking. Brain storming exercises are useful in this respect.

Being creative also helps you to be flexible and to adapt quickly to changing environments. If you do not nurture creativity from young, you can find it harder to respond to changes especially when they fail to happen as expected. While you may have led a sheltored life when you were younger, as a adult, you will come to know that life is indeed unpredictable. Being stubborn with a refusal to let go of ideas that are out-dated, is a sure creativity killer!

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