Kamis, April 23, 2009


Artikel ini saya temukan di PC kantor, entah siapa penulis aslinya. kalau ada yg tahu, pls let me know ya!

Happy reading!

To begin with, you need not be a genius to be creative. Creativity is a surge - a burst of imaginative and new ideas or your own unique intepretation of your five senses - that arises within your inner Being and turning this surge into reality. It also involves the the translation of your unique gifts and talents into something new and useful.
Creativity can also be about problem solving. In fact, you do not need to have a big problem to solve, to be considered creative. If you can solve your everyday problems in an ingenious way or come up with solutions to plug gaps, you are creative.
Creativity is the working of your right hand brain. Unfortunately, many of us have not spent a great deal of time developing this part of the brain when we were younger. Blame it on formal school education, which tends to favor left-brain thinking rather than right brain ones. Left brain thinking involves analysis, logic and linearity. On the other hand, right brain thinking involves creativity, intuition, feeling and aesthetics.
Traditionally, the majority of jobs that involve more left brain thinking skills such as being an accountant or lawyer, tend to pay higher. You often hear of the term “struggling” used for an artist but it is seldom the case for one in the professional and corporate arena. In fact, jobs in accountancy, banking and engineering, are often said to be more stable.


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