Kamis, Juli 03, 2008

The 3 Biggest Headline Blunders And How To Easily Avoid Making These Costly Mistakes!-2

Mistake #2: Using no headline at all.

This is another mistake – one that’s particularly common with web sites. But the problem is also prevalent in many other kinds of promotional materials too. It’s an easy one to fix and doing so can have a tremendous effect on your results.

Let’s look at how this mistake affects the performance of a web page.

To attract visitors to your site in the first place requires resources in the form of time, effort, or hard cash. Once someone enters your URL into their browser, or clicks on your live link, they’re on their way to your page instantly.

But what happens as soon as the page starts to load? What do visitors see first? Is it a large, slow-loading graphic or a generic “welcome to my site” message? Or, are visitors first met with a hard-hitting, provocative headline that arouses their interest and kick-starts their excitement so much so that they can’t wait to find out more?

If you want to immediately signal to visitors that your site is worth a closer look, use a powerful headline that entices them inside. Never assume that because a visitor took the time to navigate his way to your site, he’ll stick around awhile. As soon as the interest fades, he’s off to another destination with one simple click. Add a compelling headline to each page of your site and you’ll ultimately boost your sales and profits.

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