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Five Ways to Gain Attention the 'Write' Way

Aku nemu artikel menarik ini, yang justru ditulis oleh orang Marketing. Sangat menarik bagaimana mereka sangat menganggap penting dunia copywriting & marcomm. Coba simak kalimat yang aku bold ya?


by Sameer Suryakant Kulkarni

Imagine this headline in an ad for a low-cost mobile phone targeted at low-income consumers: "65000-color display will make your life as colorful as a rainbow and new sound technology will ensure clear sound." Does it work?

Or, consider this: a software product requirement document for adding new features reads, in part, "The users should be able to collaborate while using the product." Does that requirement specifically convey what needs to be developed?

Unfortunately, the answer to both questions is No. What is common in both examples is that they are part of a marketing effort for the respective products.

Now, imagine this headline in the case of the first example: "Cool colors, clear calls!" And consider this alternative to the second example: "Users should be able to share the tasks in the application and work, comment, and act as a team on them." Better?

Marketing, in simple terms, is communication about and among business, product, customer, and customer service. Market research and marketing strategy form two core components of the marketing domain.

For software product companies, identifying client requirements or innovative features through market research (and providing them to the software development team in a neat, clean, and concise manner) is a good start to developing a usable software product. But selling the developed product through marketing strategy involves the right kind of marketing communication.

Now imagine the power of effective writing in such an important business function. Writing for marketing is challenging because marketing communication defines the image of your organization. If marketing communication fails, chances are high that your products/services too might fail, notwithstanding winning factors such as quality, cost, and so on.

Effective writing is a vital component of the following marketing-related tasks:

Preparing simple, succinct, and effective market research materials, such as questionnaires, data collation and analysis formats, and market research reports.

Creating a detailed marketing/development plan (approach definition). This involves a lot of documentation, such as reports, presentations, and detailed plan documents.
Preparing market testing/acceptance reports in case of new products/services or new features in products/services.

Planning advertising campaigns. Advertising is a limitless field, where extraordinary copywriting can strike gold if the campaign is run strategically. Writing copy for advertising your products/services is a crucial part of creating effective ad materials. Similarly, writing crisp, convincing catchphrases/taglines for a brand or an organization requires a thorough understanding of the product/service, brand, value-on-offer, etc.

Of course, writing effective marketing material isn't as easy as it appears. The writer must...

Be highly skilled at writing
Be an excellent communicator, listener, and observer
Possess an eye for details
Be familiar with cross-cultural sensitivity
Be adept at building stories and weaving them into words
Remember that his/her writing will not help much if the product/service that s/he is working on is of inferior quality

Writing effective marketing material offers the following six benefits:

Clear communication among stakeholders
A better understanding of market trends
Enhanced brand value
A good sales pitch to start with
A firm base for advertising campaigns
A trigger to build trust and respect for your organization, product, or service

Finally, here are five ways to make your marketing writing more effective....

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