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The secret to becoming a powerful copywriter:

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ada pelajaran copywriting nih dari seorang intenet marketer...mudah2an berguna yach!

(1) Practice. Nothing takes the place of this.

You can gain the knowledge and experience you need by simply sitting down and writing some ads and sales letters. It may take several months or even years to perfect your skills and ability, but anyone with enough desire and a willingness to do it can become a dynamite copywriter. Here's an easy way to do this:

(A) Collect the best ads you can find.
(B) Practice re-writing them. Do this many times until you get the "feel" of the powerful language of these ads.
(C) Then, with these ads as "models," begin writing your own ads and sales letters for imaginary products or services. Or, if you have a business right now, begin writing your own sales copy.

(2) Commit yourself to learning everything you can about advertising and copywriting.

There are many good books you can read. Start with reading all three of John Caples books, then read "My Life In Advertising" and "Scientific Advertising" by Claude Hopkins. If you did nothing but read these five books and used the ideas, you could make a ton of money. Call your local bookstore and order these books NOW!

(3) Now it's time to write your own sales copy:

Develop as many different ads and sales letters as you can to sell your product or service. HERE'S THE SECRET: Test 10 different sales letters and ads.

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M.rezza gunawan mengatakan...

salam kenal, wah artikelnya bagus - bagus ni... :)

fathantodjon mengatakan...

bagus banget nih, boleh taukah dimana saya bisa dapetin buku "My Life In Advertising" and "Scientific Advertising" by Claude Hopkins ?.
oiya, izin post di blog saya yah. tks.