Kamis, Agustus 20, 2009

Creativity Resonates With Abundance

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It is in you to naturally want to create. As a human being, you are drawn to the process of creation. Creativity is the doorway to your Expanding and co-Creating in this Universe.

Creativity brings about the flow of pure energy in your inner Being. Escaping into the space of self discovery offers you the opportunity to use your faculties of imagination and play. When you are creative, you become open to possibilities in ideas. With no blocks to the flow of ideas, you experience no limits to what you think is possible.

In this space, you may decide what you want and do not want. You choose to focus your thoughts eventually on what you desire. As you focus your thoughts intently, then what you focused on can turn into reality. Remember the famous saying by Napolean Hill? - “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”.
By virtue of the law of attraction, you can attract the outcomes, of the same vibrational match to the energy of your thoughts, that will bring your ideas into fruition. In short, it is possible to experience life in abundance, as you can use your creative imagination to visualise possibilities and bring them into reality through focused thought and pure intent.

“Creativity brings about a flow of focused energy that resonates with abundance and possibilities.” — Quote by Evelyn Lim, attractionmindmap.com
If you are experiencing blocks to creativity, then it is time to do something. Look for ways to remove them. It is possible to enjoy all there is that lies in your imaginative mind!

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