Senin, Januari 12, 2009

How to Write Award-Winning Radio Commercials

Tulisan berikut bukan asli tulisan saya, melainkan saya ambil dari tulisan scottedwardp dari situsnya (maaf, lupa link-nya nih...). Saat ini, saya sendiri sedang menulis buku mengenai how to create a good radio commercial, tapi.... kok nggak rampung-rampung yach!!? Ternyata menulis buku tuh nggak gampang buat orang nggak disiplin kayak saya gini... Hhhhhh....!!

Walaupun saya ngga sepenuhnya setuju dengan apa yang ditulis si scott ini, tapi saya posting aja deh, buat nambah pengetahuan teman-teman! Nah...selamat membaca, semoga bermanfaat!

Obviously when writing a commercial, you need to know what product or service it is that the commercial is promoting, but let the client or the salesperson who is working the account do that work for you. All you need in terms of "hard data" about a product or service is the key bullet points that the client wants conveyed.

If you really want your commercials to stand out you have to think like a listener. Do you ever pay attention to those "same old same old" read and recite type spots that just hawk the facts of a product or service? Chances are you tune them out, just like a regular listener is likely to do. Think about what you would enjoy and frame your bullet point information with that winning structure.

People like to laugh. Keep that in mind while you're writing the radio spot. If you can make your listener laugh, they're going to stay with you the whole 60 seconds, and chances are they're going to remember that product or service a lot longer, too. Coming up with something many people will find funny is not always so easy. You have to work on instinct. One good way to learn to write funny spots, however, is the sincerely form of flattery: Imitation. Think of those spots you think are funny and then put your own spin on that style.

Never forget that although people don't realize it, they hear commercials come on the air during their favorite programs and aren't looking for a reason to keep listening, they're looking for a reason to stop listening. It's your job not to give them one. Make sure your spot funny and that is keeps their attention. It should entertain as well as inform. Remember the "golden rule," treat your listeners as you would treat yourself and you, too, can very likely start cranking out award winning radio commercials.

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