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The 3 Biggest Headline Blunders And How To Easily Avoid Making These Costly Mistakes!-3

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Mistake #3: Using A Weak Headline That Lacks Emotional Appeal.

As the initial point-of-contact, your headline is the most crucial component of your ad, sales letter, news, release, postcard or web page. It’s your first and perhaps, only opportunity to win an audience for your full-blown sales message.

Why waste such a glorious opportunity on a weak, uninspiring statement that doesn’t move anyone?

Instead, employ the strongest, most-arresting collection of words you can conceive. Pack it with power and emotion that will stir the soul. Strive to seize your reader’s minds momentarily, with visions of themselves enjoying a deeply-desired benefit.

Every day, millions of dollars are wasted on marketing tools that lead with “headlines” like: “Digital media storage systems”, “Your neighbors will talk”, or, “Classical music for everyone”.

Each of these examples are less than stellar headlines taken from actual brochures I’ve received in the mail. They all lack the attention-getting, interest-arousing, emotion-inducing quality of headlines that succeed. None of the examples offer any real benefit… nor are they appealing enough to have readers sitting on the edge of their seats in anxious anticipation of more.

A simple headline rule is to include at least one significant benefit to the specific audience you’re addressing. Naturally, the more appealing the benefit, the greater the impact. For a surefire hit, focus your headline on something that’s both highly desirable and unique in the marketplace.

Other options include using multiple benefits, or combining a benefit with an irresistible offer, or a no-risk guarantee.

Take a look at your current marketing tools. What message are you instantly conveying to prospects and visitors? If you’re not using a benefit-laden headline, start to do so immediately. Give each piece an interesting lead-in. Your captivating words will compel more prospective customers to stay with your message for a longer period of time.

Never settle for a mediocre headline. Pack as much explosive power as you can to both attract attention and interest in the remainder of your message. This kind of effort will definitely pay off in your bottom-line results. I guarantee it!

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